Sunday, July 3, 2011

I am a Very Responsible and Mature (for a not very responsible or mature person)

Hi! So about the lack of post last week... Well you see, I had a breakdown. I couldn't do so much. Apparently, my job is taking over my life. You want my schedule? Well, you're going to get it whether you want it or not. First, I work all day until five. Then, I eat. Then, I run until seven. After that, I procrastinate until ten. YOU SEE MY DESPERATION???
{*part of text removed*}
You're welcome. But really, I'm just feeling soooo out of it and everything. I definitely need inspiration. It takes FOREVER to draw some pictures, and I wasn't really enjoying it last time.

Therefore, from now on, I'm going to focus more on the humor part of this blog. You see, I tend to make better posts if I had fun in making them!

About the last post, I'll finish the story when I feel more up to it because I simply cannot just sit down for hours doing something that is unproductive and that I don't enjoy doing. I'M SO SORRY *bursts out into sobs* Emotional? Infantile? You must be describing another person.

In the meantime, enjoy this free-lance drawing that I drew to express my frustration:

Monday, June 20, 2011

Why I Shouldn't Be a Doctor (AKA a hint to mom)

Hello, my name is Doctor E. I am subbing for your doctor today. Qualified? Of course I'm qualified! I even have a PhD!
 See? Ok, next I want for you to lay down. Yes, right there on the sofa. Next, spit into this cup. SPIT INTO THE CUP, HEAR???. Great!! :) Now let me scan your saliva...